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  • Can the Synthesis™ system be used on the surround wall with a window?

    Yes.  We suggest that you work with a highly qualified installer who understands the area in which the Synthesis™ system will be adhered to and placement of window in the wall.

  • Is there new tooling available?

    Yes, we now offer the Synthesis™ Cutting Kit and Installation Kit.  Each of these kits can be purchased separately.  See products tab on the home page.

  • Do you offer accessories such as corner shelves, niches, grab bars or bench seat for the Synthesis™ porcelain shower wall system?

    Yes, our accessories will be available 2nd quarter 2024.  Corner shelves, rectangular niches, floating teakwood benches with matching hardware and grab bars in 5 colored finishes that are purchased separately.  See products tab on the home page.

  • Do you recommend any shower pans for the Synthesis™ porcelain shower wall system?

    Create your own custom shower base form for tile using this convenient kit.  The KBRS® XP Tile Basin Surface Ready Shower System is great for new shower buildouts or tub-to-shower conversions.  Available in a variety of custom or standard sizes.  It’s 100% leakproof and mold-free.  Protected by a Lifetime warranty.  Easier installation, so you are enjoying your shower sooner!  In addition to the KBRS Pan, the Synthesis system is versatile with many shower pans.  Please refer to the Installation Instructions for more details.

  • Can I install Synthesis™ on steel stud framing?

     It depends on the gauge of the steel studs. Lighter gauge steel studs will likely flex too much and may not provide a stable structure for the panels. Heavier gauge studs will provide the structure but may present difficulties with fastening and fasteners. In previous projects, some installers have solved these issues by installing wood blocking within the steel studs. This application has not been tested by PCS, so please proceed with caution until you are sure that the blocking provides the stable structure that Synthesis™ requires.

  • Can I get a ceiling panel to match my Synthesis™ porcelain shower wall system?

    Yes, ceiling panels will be available to match H-Series and V-Series panel systems beginning summer of 2024. Please note the maximum size available for the ceiling panel will be 60.0” x 47.0”.  For smaller size ceiling panels, the panels are easily cut with an angle grinder.

  • Can I get a porcelain niche that matches my Synthesis™ porcelain shower surround?

    The Synthesis™ system is not currently offered with matching niches. Because we have gone to great lengths to make the Synthesis™ system watertight, we strongly recommend the use of seamless, one-piece niches made of metal or plastic so as to introduce as few seams as possible in the shower enclosure.

  • Can I get the Synthesis™ panels pre-cut to my specified sizes?

     We can offer cut-to-size service as an option on volume orders. For individual orders or smaller quantities, the Synthesis™ porcelain panels are easily cut in the field with an angle grinder using a blade designed for cutting porcelain.

  • Is the price different for each color?

    All of our beautiful colors and patterns are offered at the same price.

  • How is Synthesis™ shipped?

    Our Synthesis™ H-Series standard boxed porcelain tub and shower surround kit is shipped in a 10″H corrugated carton on a 53″W x 65″L custom wood pallet. Shipping weight is approximately 540 lbs.

    Our Synthesis™ H-Series and V-Series full panels are shipped in a large wooden crate that is approximately 54″W x 103″L. The shipping weight will vary depending on how many panels are in the crate. Each 47-1/4″ x 94-1/2″ Synthesis™ full panel weighs approximately 131 lbs.  All products are shipped FOB our dock in Solon, Ohio 44139.

  • What is the warranty?

    We provide a robust 10-year warranty on the Synthesis vitrified porcelain composite panel against manufacturing defects under normal use and service.

  • How tall are the panels?

     The Synthesis™ H-Series system- Each panel is 47-1/4″ tall. Stacking two panels on each wall results in a 94-1/2”tall panel assembly. This panel height will result in a maximum 96” ceiling height when using a 1-1/2″ high pan and a maximum 98-1/2″ ceiling height when using a 4″ high pan. Panels are easily cut with an angle grinder for lower ceiling heights.

    The Synthesis™ V-Series system- Each panel is 94-1/2″ tall.  This panel height will result in a maximum 96” ceiling height when using a 1-1/2″ high pan and a maximum 98-1/2″ ceiling height when using a 4″ high pan. Panels are easily cut with an angle grinder for lower ceiling heights.

  • How thick are the panels?

    The panels are 1-1/4” thick overall. The thickness is reduced to 3/4” at the open panel edges on the front of the tub and shower for ease in locating shower trim.

  • Do I need any special tools to install Synthesis™?

    Most of the required tools are items you probably have in your toolbox, although you may need to purchase blades or bits that are designed for cutting porcelain. You can see the full list of required tools in our installation instructions or our installation video.

    The Synthesis™ system does utilize a set of proprietary aluminum jigs for installation. This installation kit is a one-time investment for a reusable tool that you can use many times over. See our price list for current pricing.

  • Why do my Synthesis™ wall panels look uneven?

     All Synthesis™ large-format porcelain panels exhibit a “rippling” effect when viewed in direct light. This is particularly noticeable in our polished finishes and is a characteristic of all porcelain products that is simply more noticeable in large-format panels. This is not a basis for replacement of the product.

  • Can I use Synthesis™ in my steam shower?

    Synthesis™ has not yet been tested for performance and stability in steam showers. While we are planning to conduct testing in the near future, we cannot recommend Synthesis™ for use in steam shower applications until that testing has been completed.

  • What makes Synthesis™ better?

    The Synthesis™ H-Series system and V-Series system offer a host of features and benefits, but in short, they greatly reduce installation time, can be removed and reused and are easier to maintain because there is no grout to scrub.  The panels can also be removed and reinstalled to address plumbing issues behind the shower walls.

    The H-Series system is shipped in a convenient cardboard box kit that includes everything needed to install the product.

    The Synthesis™ V-Series system offers customized features and eliminates the horizontal seam.  Please be aware the packaging changes on the V-Series – the panels are shipped vertical in a wooden crate along with everything needed to install the product.

  • What are your color options?

     The Synthesis™ porcelain tub and shower surround systems are available in many colors and finishes.  The colors and finishes are constantly changing; please check the design tab on the home page for the colors and finishes currently available.

  • Can I get the back wall panels in a different color than the side wall panels?

     Yes. This option is available at additional cost by custom quote.

  • Will the veining match from panel to panel?

    Unfortunately, no. Vein matching and book matching of panels is not an option with the Synthesis™ porcelain shower surround system. However, panels may be moved and/or rotated 180 degrees during the installation process based on the end-users’ preferences.

  • What is the Synthesis™ system?

    The Synthesis™ system is a modular tub and shower surround system that utilizes beautiful, durable, large-format porcelain panels that are bonded to a moisture-resistant stabilizing backer and are mechanically attached to traditional stud framing without the use of thin set or mortar.

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